The MeNvolution is the PLACE created as a response to the contemporary search for a place of authentic contact and transformation. It is a SPACE for exploration and finding the joy of life, peace of mind, simplicity of affairs, sincere relationships and a sense of contact with the heart. It is also a collaborative COMMUNITY.


I offer and invite for individual Zen Coaching sessions, workshops and seminars.


I offer and invite Men to the MeNvolution project, exploration and growing in masculinity expressed in today’s world and its posed challenges during regular meetings, workshops and festivals.


sessions and workshops

men’s Gathering



“I wouldn’t say that I’ve chosen a profession in my life, but rather a lifestyle. Or maybe it chose me? Part of it is a supportive lifestyle, full of adventures, which allows me to express myself as I want and I can. Feeling of being part of the community. To be creative. And to lead an exciting life. It’s a big privilege”

LESZEK SIENNICKI – Certified Coach in the International Zen Coaching Organization. He was trained in the Healing Dance aqua therapy in the field of Aquatic Bodywork Treatment. He completed a two-year internship at the personal development workshops and the sense of sexual life energy “Tantralove for couples”. Participant of Hellinger’s family constellation at J.Mane. Inspired by the knowledge of such authors as M.Rosenberg “Non-violence communication”, T.N.Hahn, E.Thole, D.Daida and others. He actively participates in many training courses and personal development workshops.

A graduate of the Poznan’s University of Physical Education and post-graduate International Business Development at the University of Economics, he manage his own industrial company. Own business has been running properly since the age of 13. For 14 years, he successfully developed business structures in an international corporation, for last five years as the Board. Swimming Coach, Tennis and Skiing Instructor. International Lifeguard Instructor in ILS. Masseur. As a Yachtmaster and yachting enthusiast, he organizes sailing cruises in Mindfulness energy in his own project entitled “Sail to Portofino”. Zen Coaching Advocate for KISS maxim: Keep It Simply Sweetheart. Affirms the simplicity of life, vegetarian cuisine and intimacy with nature. He explores the last one during ultra trial at the mountainous running on different continents. At the time of relaxation, he dance Tango Argentino, read a book, play an Ukulele or fall asleep in a hammock. Husband and father of two daughters.