Zen Coaching

Relaxing into Being

WELCOME to the Zen Coaching Sessions

Zen Coaching for a very powerful, effortless and effective coaching method and daily lifestyle.


From the level of true heart contact and the deepest longings, life becomes light, decisions easy and the choices are seen very clearly. This is an invitation regardless of sex, age, beliefs, religion or skin color. I invite you to feel and live life from the bottom of your heart, authentic contact with yourselves and society. And from this perspective, affecting your own life. And consequently on others.

DNA of Zen Coaching

ZEN – is presence, awareness, mindfulness, relaxed alertness, true nature, living deeply connected with life´s essence as it unfolds and manifests in surprising and creative ways from moment to moment.

COACHING – is the art of supporting people in discovering their own internal resources and answering their own questions. This is done mainly through deep, respectful listening and powerful questions.

The starting point of Zen Coaching is your natural desire to be fully who you are, authentic, honest with yourself and others. You have everything you need, you are complete.

We need to rediscover our inner, deep wisdom. From this perspective, the coach is not a sage or teacher but a supporting friend. You are a sage and teacher. Being in full awareness of the present moment, you are able to live your own lives fully.

As an approach, it doesn’t focus on achieving external goals, career, position, personal relationships, etc., which is crucial in traditional coaching. It focuses rather on achieving internal, deep and lasting goals. Thus experiencing each other is a natural consequence.


Zen Coaching’s “goal” is available here, right now – just noticing, letting you fully be in touch with the experience right now. You don’t have to wait, there is no need to look for fulfillment in the future. Fulfillment, ease and wisdom are the essence of what we experience HERE, right NOW.

So, Zen Coaching might not always give what you want now, but it always gives what you need most.


This path is based on the fundamental principles of mindfulness and conscious presence. It is also based on the study of limiting beliefs and finding real internal resources. The main method is the practice of inquiry – internal, focused exploration based on specific questions and supportive and empathic listening practice of the coach.


  • authentic and real contact with yourselves and others
  • access to internal resources and deep wisdom
  • approach and a different perspective to deal with the challenges of life
  • internal conviction about your value and completeness
  • the ability to follow the flow of life
  • more joy, expression and lightness of life
  • verification of beliefs and conditions


  • I trust you, I accept fully, I offer sincere and true curiosity
  • I believe in your resources and release them together
  • I listen carefully with full commitment, curiosity and empathy
  • I support by asking strong questions and putting challenges
  • I inspire you to look for solutions and possibilities
  • I am consciously present and supporting in the most difficult situation
  • I guarantee discretion and confidentiality of the coaching relationship


  • giving ready solutions, advising, lamenting
  • assessing, criticizing, diagnosing, labeling or telling own stories
  • fixing or upgrading you according to the message “I have tools, let’s fix your defect”
  • rescue from the life situation of the challenge

Zen Coaching is not a difficult and steep path of personal growth.

It is rather an exciting, joyful, real and the most interesting journey of life in the direction of experiencing it fully, authentically, creatively and entirely in its own color!


This is an hour meeting full of curiosity, honesty and trust. It is researching and experiencing what is most important, what is a challenge, what is wisdom. It is a space for experiencing emotions and feelings in contact with the body. It is a free process leading to clear conclusions, a different perspective, deep wisdom, understanding, and maybe action.


I am convinced that a lasting change takes place with your strong commitment and repeatability, which is why I support work on the basis of session packages:

The first meeting (personal or telephone)


about 20 min explaining the rules

A 5 session package worth:

250,00 EUR

A package of 10 sessions +1 free session free

500,00 EUR

Sessions can be conducted during personal meetings (Poznan – Suchy Las, Akacjowa 1 street) or via Skype or similar.